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day 12 Seville

Day off ..


Well today couldn't have been any more different that yesterday. I don't think I was able to switch off from the ride, and so I never really relaxed, instead continuing the time trial on foot around the city, getting grumpy at all the people who kept trying to get in my way and all the screaming kids that am sure came at me on purpose. Today on the other hand I managed to turn off and so saw Seville in a completely different light.

Lazy wake up, chilled out breakie, then a relaxed slow saunter into town via the parks with no real plan but to get a bit more lost. A big plus early on was the quietness of the city...it wasn't early but things still hadn't got going yet so there were far less people and noise about. This made getting lost much more enjoyable. I had a vague thought of finding a flamenco house for later but that's about it. As with all things you always find them when you are not looking for it and I stumbled across a place I had glanced at online last night almost by accident. So that's tonights entertainment sorted, back to the wondering aimlessly. Again found a supermarket by accident- in Spanish cities these seem few and far between in the centre and so you have to make the most of it when you find them. 1st and 2nd lunch bought..set off again with no real direction.

I did look to go in the main attractions - the castle and the cathedral but even early on their were ridiculously long Q's to get in. Outside viewings will just have to do for me and to be honest that's fine for me.

A little wander along the river then back into the park to sit and have 1st lunch in the sun watching the world go by. Now that is relaxing!

As I was sitting there, eating strawberries and watching the horses and people pass, it suddenly dawned on me that I have been doing this nearly 2 weeks now, and this strange kinda routine is my life now for another 5 1/2 months. It was a very surreal thought and one that was quite difficult to comprehend and get my head around. Though to be honest it made me laugh..hell if there were days like this then really it isn't going to be bad at all! Oh don't get me wrong I am sure there will be bad days when it all goes so horribly horribly wrong and some generally 'meh' times but days like today will always be there and make it all worthwhile.

All that relaxing was quite exhausting so it was back to the hostal for a well earned siesta.

Wandering back into town at about 5pm, a couple of the billboards showed the temperature as 38degrees. If I needed a reminder as to why I get up early to cycle that was it. Its only April too! Thank god I am going north...

I found a little square to watch the world and have a beer. All in best dress still, and the capes are out already, today also saw many women in black dresses, headpieces and lace trails. If possible there were even more people in town. But I hadn't seen anything yet..

Flamenco was a very intimate affair..a small room with a stage and some stools, with seats for about 100 people to watch. There were four people performing - guitarist, singer, a man dancer and a woman dancer - and they performed a range of flamenco from the solo guitar, to songs, to tense dancing to a more fun style at the end. It was also modern interpretations, so no stereotypic costumes rather smart modern clothes that they were still able to use in the routines, and also they incorporated modern moves. All in all it was a very hot and steamy affair, that was unfortunately over far too quick. But one that am glad that I have experienced.

What came next not so much..out on the street the number of people seemed to have multiplied, and it was a struggle to get anywhere. Add to that when you did get somewhere you then found it was blocked by the procession which was snaking its way around town. Then comes a balance of trying to find unblocked routes and trying not to get lost. I thought I had the bright idea of heading to the river..surely once I got their I could just walk along the river road home. But no..the procession was crossing to the other side of the river. It took me over an hour to navigate home in the end. I don't think I have seen that many people before.. For you Devon folk, it reminded me of the tar barrels but at a city scale. Absolute organised chaos!

Back to the countryside tomorrow...

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