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Before I start I have to say I hope you readers haven't judged me after the last post..in my defence it was written after zero hours sleep and on three tiny beers that went straight to my head..is there a beer version of in vino veritas?? (On a side note did you see who is number 1 in the album charts today? ;) )
Anyway a quick 60 winks and a hour or so bike building later its back to exploring Malaga...
Malaga seems to be a place that there is always something on..whichever side street you turn down there will be something new and unusual.
My first introduction to Malaga was perhaps not the smoothest..I caused a stir at the taxi station because of the bike box. It for some reason one driver took umbrage..I didn't understand most of the rant but 'demaseado grande' was mentioned more time than I could count so I kinda got the drift. This lasted til some other driver just shrugged his shoulders, put the back seats down and put the box in no probs. So that little excitement over into Malaga centre we go..
All good and well until we get close to my hotels road. The taxi driver had told me that I would have to walk a way as it was a pedestrian street ( in Spanish..I hope you are impressed at me!) What we didn't know was that there was a marathon that day and a lot of the street was closed..no problem get out nearby and walk eh? Hmm so you'd think..but then with me carrying hand luggage, luggage and bike box..I had to find a way to get ACROSS the marathon while hundreds of runners kept swarming past. Not so easy. Tho I did amuse the crowd and annoy the runners in trying (I think I took out a couple of them out - think that stereotypic carrying a ladder comic sketch and you pretty much have it)
Anyway Malaga in terms of sights seems to be, on paper, a bit lacking, and doing those said sights is quite a quick job...it has a beach, cathedral and a castle or 2. What they don't tell you about is the amazing maze of back streets that make up the heart of the city. Its a labrynth, but you never ever really get lost. Down these streets are never ending tapas bars, ice cream places, restaurants. For me its heaven, beautiful buildings on narrow cobbled streets and its always different every time you walk through. I also stumbled upon random hoardes of people and banging..early Easter parades! And this is just a taste of what is to come and how they celebrate Easter! Not like this at home for sure!!
I don't know if this is specific to Easter but it seems that the beaches are pretty empty and everyone is in the town..not really doing much but promenading, eating ice cream and generally walking in the opposite direction to me. (If I was braver I would have followed them to see where they were all going tho they were probs all just going home!!). If you are a people watcher it is a fascinating place to come.

Oh and another side note..still slightly woozey from the travelling I took my waiters suggestion for my dinner. Out comes a whole fish butterflied. For me.. a mostly relaxed vegetarian (I just don't particularly like the taste of meat rather than any ethical or whatever reason)..whole fish is quite tough to eat usually..but no not today didn't even bat an eyelid at the bones and brown meat (usual sticking points), and even from the fact that it was an actual WHOLE fish... split head, brains and eyes and all that! OK so I didn't eat that bit nor check it out too closely but still! Makes me wonder what my eating habits will be like after a couple of weeks of continual cycling!! Bloody steak for me please!! Maybe not....

Final note..to remember never to try and do anything productive on a Sunday...

Oh one more.. waiter just bought me some pink champagne! I like this place! I would love to say it was a random thing for me..it was opened for me thats for sure..but some other English got a glass after ( the Spanish get given some random purple shots). I did however get a refill..the other English nope!..I like this place ;)

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Anywhere that gives you pink champagne has to be good!

by Roseanne Benn

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