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day 44 San Seb rest day


Ah rest days....quite a productive one too! Found a bike shop and got a few bits, pottered around the old town, found and internet shop and uploaded my garmin. I wandered over to the second smaller beach which is apparently more of a sufers hangout, and indeed there were some hot surfers all wetsuited up and ready to go. Not entirely sure why though as the sea was as flat as a pancake. I also bought a pair of decent shoes aka trainers as the others stank to high heaven and were falling apart. They are quite noticible trainers..perhaps a subconscious ploy to get people looking at my feet rather than my bad tan lines?!? Not just luminescent pink but two shades of luminescent pink, with luminescent yellow insoles to 'match'. They are not really my colour but there were a couple of things that sold them to me..very very light, very very comfortable and a big big seller..they have in built odour eaters in them! They are so comfy..I didn't realise how uncomfy my old shoes were until I put these on. My feet are now very happy.

To test them out I walked down the length of the whole promenade of La Playa de la Concha. It was actually quite a way, and there was all kinds of interesting things to see. For a start I should say it was blissfully quiet..all the afternoon hoards of people from yesterday had gone back to work and so there was only a scant few about. They seem to take week days as an opportunity to do some work on a beach..it took me a little while to figure out but they are effectively shovelling up sand from one part of the beach and moving it to another part a couple of hundred meters down. Talk about a never ending job!!! But I guess they have their reasons and its better than importing the sand in as I have heard is done in some places.
I passed also Wimbledon tennis club..I didn't check to see of they had any strawberries and cream. At the end of the cove there is a sculpture(s) to mark the edge of the city with the sea and wind. 'El Piene del vento' (Combe of the wind) is three curved steel sculptures anchored to the rocks and surrounded by the sea. the spot also gives you a great view back tot he main city and the beach.

I also looked to see if I could get my haircut..but of the ones that were open, they wanted to charge €52 !! No way was I going to pay that, so haircut will have to keep for now.

It was a really nice restful day. However there was a cloud hanging over me somewhat. Literally. I had seen the forecast for tomorrow. Now tomorrow is back on the bike and into the Pyrenees and it is also a pretty decent length ride too. A day when you really want the weather with you. But that is not to be for me. Rain and storms. All day. Rain is not great..at home I loathe the idea of starting a ride in the rain, if it rains when you are out that's fair game but voluntarily going out in rain..its just insane. Touring, especially touring on a deadline, doesn't give you a choice but to harden up and stop being a wuss. But storms..well thats another matter entirely. Obviously being on a mountain on a metal bike is not really where you want to be if there is lightning about. So all day I have been pondering over routes and alternatives..whether there is public transport (there's not)...even whether it is better the French side of the mountains (it is certainly less windy). On last check it seems that the storm has dissipated a little so if I leave early I should be able to out run it to the mountains. All that race pacing will pay off hopefully...see? I knew I was training for something! But I will stick to the main roads though just in case.

In preparation for the rain, I have snuck my bike into my pension room from outside on the street. Thinking about it now, it is perhaps not the most logical thing to do..she's going to get wet anyway tomorrow, so what's the difference? I have no idea, but I feel a lot better that she is here with me. That reminds me, the guy at the bike shop really liked her and offered to buy her from me. I think he has been around tourist bikes and mountain bikes too much! Nah, she's a good little bike, nothing fancy but she's turned out to be quite hardy and actually perfect for this touring job. I am already planning things to fix on her, like new bar tape, when I get home as a reward.

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