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Campo de Criptana


As it's the end of month 5 I have two lots of bike data for you..today's and the tour total so far:
Distance: 143.43km
Total ascent: 1252m
Hours in the saddle: 6hr 27
Terrain: undulating

5month data:
Distance: 7676.83km / 4770.02miles
Total ascent: 89962m / 295119ft
Hours in the saddle: 365hrs 25min

Strangely a little disappointed with the 5month total...not really sure why as August was a pretty heavy mileage month. Ah well, I will have to make up some miles this month!

Todays ride...Oooof! It was undulating for sure! Quite sharp ones at the start, which is bad timing as it usually takes me about 20km to warm up and get going. They slowly leveled off a bit as I moved towards the plains but it was still tough. I was really surprised when I looked at the elevation graph after as actually the overall direction was downhill. But due to the really strong headwind it felt like a constant uphill struggle. Some road closures didn't help either which added some k's. But I made it...just.

I spent a lot of my time looking at the tarmac as you do when there's a headwind but I did see the most sunflowers today than I ever have. Not particularly happy looking ones but field on field in field of them none the less. More and more as I moved nearer to the plains and the trees disappeared. I also saw a lot of people wondering in the small villages I went through. Wandering completely oblivious to everything else and several tried to step out in front of me, and another time I very nearly got taken out by a wheelbarrow.grrr

Campo de Criptana is a funny little place. People only tend to come here for the windmills and so there isn't really much else to it..though perhaps I just missed it. The windmills are quite impressive enough though..there are 9 on the ridge, another without sails and one dead one a little further out. The main 9 all have names and inside there are little museums on various topics. I now feel the need to read Don Quixote.

Am quite glad they were worth the trip..there was a few times on the route when I was f'ing and blinding about these windmills! I also have caught the sun today..mostly on my left side..super impressive sharp lines on my arm and leg now. Luckily tomorrow is back the otherway so I can try and balance out with my right side.

In other news my Nexus 7 tablet has died a death. Or more precisely I accidentally killed it. I feel quite bereft. It is..sorry..was the source of everything and now...sigh. my phone is filling in as best it can but it struggles with the heat, bless it. Worse is that I still had 3 episodes of Veep to watch! Dammit. I can watch them on the phone but I think that might just kill it. Anyway just a month to survive without it..thank god for warranties.

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