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distance: 70km
Total ascent: 575m
Time in the saddle: 2hrs 40
Terrain: undulating
Weather: hot hot hot!! Yay :)

I was in a funny old mood yesterday which why the post was to a minimal (a happy coincidence it was exactly 4 months in). I woke early to my phone showing storms and rain..and when I looked at eltiempo.com it showed the same. Its tricky when it is not a day you HAVE to cycle to get the motivation to go out when the forecast is so bad. So decision made to scrap that plan and actually take a day off...for all my planning I had overlooked the fact that I would have no day off for two weeks doh! So as I was awake and up early and the weather seemed ok for the moment I headed out for a walk to a volcanic crater which was inside Olot. Very quiet walk as it was early..but there were quite a few older folk who seemed to have this walk as a morning ritual. It was quite a strange experience. There were great views across the valley and to the other volcanoes..there are 24 volcanoes in the nearby area, and there was a beautiful church up there too, and some small 'turrets' which you could climb to get a higher view from the rim. The crater itself was slightly overgrown tho they had mown the centre. But it was strange..there were two paths down to it from different directions and though not at the direct interception of the lines both paths wiggly headed and merged at a set point ..not the obvious centre nor obvious convergence point but the earth was bear there from it being where people went regardless of the straight route. It became absolutely silent once you got there..all a bit spooky. My phone also lost all its settings and changed to Spanish randomly while there..could be ghosts, earth magnets or more likely due to me continually dropping it that morning. Annoyingly the storms never manifested themselves though from the mugginess in the air it needed to and I really wished it would. The rest of the day was pottering and relaxing. And of course watching the end of Fargo..

So on to today...today back on the bike to Figueres. Not a long ride or anything but it was a good ride. The first time since resuming that its felt like it should. Probably due to having somewhere to go and explore at the end of it rather than just a stopping point so taking the emphasis and pressure off needing it to be a good ride...If that makes sense. It turned out the road itself was quite fun anyway, there were very few cars about for the most part and there were trees lots and lots of trees... It something that continually surprises me about Spain how much of it is under a carpet of trees. I had a little detour around a lake near Banyoles..'estany de Banyoles' ..which was beautiful and still. There were mini houses on the edge of the water which I figure were like the beach huts that we have at home but fancier. Then another detour to a town called Besalu, a small fortified village with a couple of impressive bridges, which I had read about and thought was worth a flyby. Then the main road to Figures. It was busier on this part of the N260 quite so but the hard shoulder was big enough that you could ignore the cars. The only slight downside to the ride was that though my knee was better now I had moved the saddle, my left shoulder was painful, not sure why but hopefully it will go.

Into Figueres then..first port of call..yogurt ice cream in the town centre then to my hostal. Shower and clothes washing done it was back into town where I found myself in the queue for the Dali museum. The whole town is about Dali but the man himself got the town to take over the whole theatre and to convert it into a museum of his works. Its quite impressive as it seems to spill out from inside the building to the building itself, with eggs and statues, to the square where there are more statues. It was a good old wait but it was quite the exhibit. That is one strange man. On the one hand some of his works are amazing, some I have no idea what they were, and others just plain perverted. All in all it left me with mixed feelings and a need to get away from the hoads of tourists.

So the other main site of interest here is the castle..the largest 18th century castle in Europe apparently. It was also a strange one..in comparison to the grand ones I have seen so far..for a start it was only on a wee blip of a hill, and then the castle itself barely raised itself from that. But it did afford a good view of the valley down to the sea.

THE highlight of today though was perhaps quite sadly during my trip to the supermarket where for the first time on the trip I found different food! Hummus!! Chocolate soya milk!! Quiche!! And I cannot explain how so so happy this made me. I know it is strange but when you live on cheese and tuna and bread and in the French hotels a never ending supply of whole fish..anything that you can have that is different is sublime. And then..to top it off when I was wondering the long way home I came across an Indian restaurant!! My first curry house in 4 months!! Whether I go there or not is another question but it is just nice enough to have the choice. A curry is top of my bucket list for when I am home.

Tonights plan a wonder about town and a trip to a sidre and tapas house :) :)

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